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tv   Bay Area News at 7  KICU  October 16, 2013 7:00pm-7:31pm PDT

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i'm telling. (scoffs) brick! you kidding me? i'm not saying our system is perfect. we're still working out a few kinks. -- captions by vitac -- good evening, it's wednesday, at this hour, congressional vote voters are finalizing a deal to reopen the government on 81-18. developing news from shannon travis in d.c, that's where the vote is taking place in the house of representatives. >> happening now, one of step closer to raising the nation's debt limit and reopening the government. you're looking at live pictures of the house voting right now.
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members of the house voting on the bill that passed the senate earlier that bill passed the senate by a vote of 81-18 with tremendous bipartisan support. obviously now it's in the house of representatives. we expect it to also clear that chamber. we're wondering -- we're trying to see if the bill will pass with overwhelming support or not. john boehner today urged his caucus to vote for it. the four main things that this bill will do, it will reopen the government, and fund it through january 15th. it will raise the nation's debt ceiling until february 7th. it will basically tell both sides, republicans, democrats in both chambers to come together and try and work towards a long-term budget agreement and will also provide back pay to all of the furloughed workers that have been out of work for the past 16 days, and in terms
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of obamacare, only one provision of a very watered down strike, basically telling those people who want subsidiaries once it goes through both chambers, it said he vows to sign it hopefully ushering in the government as soon as tomorrow morning. it will come none too soon as standard employs one of the largest credit the rating agencies said thus far, the 16 government shutdown cost the u.s. economy $24 billion. live in washington, i'm shannon travis, now back to you. wall street rallied on the news of a deal in washington d.c.. the dow gained 205 points more than 1%. the nasdaq added 45 points. bay area rang the new york bell for its initial public offering. viv a is a cloud software
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company in pleasantton. more than expected, its shares were priced at $20. they closed at $37 in change. that's an increase of nearly 86%. happening now ac transit buses are running and a strike for tomorrow is now on hold. just about three hours ago, governor brown stepped into the contract dispute and ordered a review of the labor dispute. that prevents the transit union from striking for the next seven days. bus drivers we spoke with say they don't want to strike. they want a fair contract. >> i don't want to be on strike. my -- my family has to use public transit to get to school and they have to do as well as our regular riders. >> ac transit drivers have already turned down two contract offers. negotiations are underway at this hour. if no agreement is reached, governor brown could petition a judge to declare a 60-day
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cooling off period. turning on on the on going strike with bart, negotiations are underway right now. bay area commuters won't have to wait until midnight to find out if trains are run tomorrow. continuing coverage from live in oakland and jana has more. >> reporter: no later than 10:00 tonight, that was the promise earlier this afternoon from siu's president roxanne sanchez. >> if we can do this earlier, we will do this earlier. the community at large and this community will no no later than 10:00 as to what they can experience for tomorrow. >> sanchez also made a passionate plea for both sides to get a deal. there is still a significant gap on the main issue of wages, bart's last known offer was a 12% pay raise which the union
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would be eroded. our spokes woman said they're getting floods of e-mails and calls with the people who are fed up with this contract deadline and ridership has decreased. >> ridership is down 85,000 trips. friday, monday, and tuesday, 85,000 trips down compared to what it normally is and expected to be. >> last night it was just after 10 p.m. when a federal med yalt or mediator announced it was postponed. the sic sushgs promiseu is promising an agreement by 10:00. they are not sure whether they can join in that decision. today, the lead negotiator returned to the table here. we do understand that the general manager of the bart, grace crunikin does have the
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authority to deviate an offer, something more than what bart's board has set the line at $57 million. of course, we will stay here and bring you any updates if there is a decision tonight. for now, reporting live in oakland, ktvu channel 2 news. the possibility of a bart strike left many commuters anxious. i have to check every morning when i wake up to find out how i'm going to get to work that day. >> i'm tired from getting up early and i just went to sleep and turned on to see if it was running today. >> my work starts at 730, so just figuring out if i need to drive to work or not, so i'm not sure. i just surprised. >> bart officials say ridership is down yesterday around 378,000 people road trains about 27,000 fewer riders than last tuesday. >> stay with ktvu for the latest on bart. the morning news begins at 4 a.m. tomorrow. we'll post developments on
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facebook, twitter and at people in north oakland are dealing with a spike in crime and a broken promise from oakland police. armed robberies are up 34%, residents were told they'd be getting police officers that would help control the problem but that team was reassigned. >> quite simply it was the level of gun violence in east oakland, murders and shootings. that's what happened every time they're giving us police protection. >> tomorrow, on the possible use of private patrol, the largest summit for people wednesday to change information about the private security firms >> the a uc berkeley law school graduate has been sent to a prison boot camp for be heading an exotic bird for killing the
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helmeted guinea foul during a drunken escapade. >>e. alaska fight 837 was forced to make an emergency land nothing oakland about 9:00 this morning. it had been headed to honolulu. the 737 landed at the airport and continued on another plane on their trip to hawaii. after receiving reports that an allegent airport was on fire, 1062 heading to bellingham washington. fire investigators determined there was no fire and say the engine may have just sparked when it first started off. a family is without a home tonight in contra costa after flames from an early morning
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hour on dove court nearly gregory lane. daniel bulkley stared at what was left of her land recovery. behind it a home is in ruins after a fire erupted here shortly after 130. it woke up the neighborhood. >> it sounded like gunshots and i heard my others like, yelling. >> as flames sot from the roof of the home -- shot from the roof of the home, neighbors heard explosions from the driveway. >> the house, the garage, everything was just orange, that's all you could see. it was quite scary. >> the family says they were asleep but the wife heard noises. >> he said he opened the door and a big -- he just started getting engulfed in black smoke so he yelled to the mother and the daughter, get out. >> the flames caused power lines to come down, but firefighters worked around it. they were able to knock down the
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fire in 30 minutes but the damage had been done. the garage and attic had been gutted and even though the house was still standing, the destruction was deaf stating. >> their lives are accounted for and all the other stuff -- can be replaced. >> the family had numerous pets. all were safe expect they were still looking for one cat they believe ran away during the fire. >> the homeowner told us he stained the debt yesterday and left the oily rags on the side of the house he now wonders if that caused combustion. fire officials are investigating whether that sparked the fire. reporting from pleasant hill, ktvu channel 2 news. dozens of contra costa businesses are being told to pack up and move out. walnut creek's broadway plaza are planning a massive make over. they've not yet received approval, however according to the san francisco business times, about 40 retailers have been told they have until january 31st to find new homes.
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some businesses have not received a guarantee of being able to come back. the decision on the project from the walnut creek city council is expected in december. and some new measures to help track patients. you may be surprised to know just how many go a walthe and the service to lets do you so with little more than a smart phone and an e-mail. >> another warm day across the entire bay area. the neighborhoods well be in the upper 30s tomorrow morning and the temperatures trending in the next few days. look at them with that u-verse wireless receiver.
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. breaking news from washington d.c., the house has approved a short-term bill to end a partial government shutdown and raise the
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government sealing. this is a live look. vote tally on your screen, the senate did the same, approved it earlier this evening. the bill calls for opening the government january 15th and extending the nation's borrowing authority through february 7th he will sign it a moment it reaches the desk and the federal government will begin to reopen immediately. a north bay man is under arrest accusing of raping a woman. the woman says she was attacked while working alone cleaning a building last night on bridge way. a woman told police her former supervisor ruben florida knocked her unconscious from behind and raped her, being held on $1,000 bail. -- $100,000 bail. and after a patient went missing for 17 days before her body was discovered nearby in a
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hospital stairwell, our david stevenson got a look at the changes and some problems hospitals faced. san francisco general hospital says it's making it more difficult for patients to slip through the cracks. after last week's discovery 17 days after she went missing. hospital officials told us all doors will now blare an alarm triggering an immediate search by deputies. the nursing staff takes the immediate census of their unit. >> the case has highlighted so-called hospital a walls, patient who is leave without informing anyone and amas, patient who is leave against medical advice. patients also have more pressing priorities than treatment. they may need to secure their housing that may be tenous. figures from the office of statewide health planning so sf
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general had a combined 423 a wales and amas last year 2.5% of the total patients seen here. by contrast, 2012 figures for highland hospital show 249 such incidents. sf general says its own numbers show 136 a wales and amas this year. policies put if place have caused a steady decrease in prison that effects every hospital. >> bottom line is there anything can you do to keep people in the hospital if they don't want to be here. >> the bottom line is line. it's still unknown why she left her room. investigations are going on now as to why it took so long to find her body. and a new chancellor for arthur post from houston and sacramento will oversee
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administrative functions of city college and make recommendations to a special trustee appointed by an accrediting panel. >> and chuck reed is taking his pensions statewide. mayor read and five other california mayors filed patients to get a pension initiative on the 2014 ballot. unions oppose the plan. mayor reed led a fight in san jose, getting measure b approved by voters. san jose's police union is challenging it in court. a texas jury today cleared mark cuban of insider trading. he walked away from court with a broad smile. he was accused of dumping millions of dollar in shares and avoiding $750,000 in potential losses but the jury said the government did not prove its
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case. cuban claims the sec targets him because of his fame. and it's now ready to take off in cupertino. last night, the city council voted to approve it. once completed, it will be close to 2.8 million square feet overall and house 14,000 apple employees. the circular building was a dream of steve jobs. apple says it will be environmentally friendly. >> steve loved apple and he started apple in cupertino, when he presented the vision of apple campus 2, he wanted to in cupertino. it will be near interstate 280 expected to open by 2016. >> meantime, samsung probably down on a new campus if mountain view. at this time make way for the new samsung research center, being built on an eight and a
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half acre site. and a san francisco company's offering a new way to send cash using an app and e-mail. square says starting today you can send money from a debit card to anyone else's for free. it's called square cash. until now, square's been offering services to merchants with smart phone swiping services. the money's available in a day or two in debit accounts. and a national nonprofit that helps fight foreclosure is holding a five-day nonprofit starting determine. naca announced the american dream event today. the group says it can help reduce mortgage payments with a below market interest rate. >> i had a very unaffordable mortgage and i was trying to seek a modification for over three years, and reduced my mortgage payment and my
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principal rate are the to $1,100 a month. >> and the american dream event will be hold at the marriott city center from tomorrow through monday. happening now the san francisco municipal transportation agency is holding an open house about the city's bike sharing program. there are 350 bikes and the city plans to add 350 stations and 150 more bikes. our string of warm weather continues right on into today. lots of 70s and 80s. a great day for the beach. 78 in pacifica. san francisco, 80 degrees, san jose lower 80s, and lots of low to mid-80s out toward concord and liver more. as far as the current conditions out there on live storm tracker 2, a few high clouds targeting portions of the north bay.
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they're still pretty mild out there. checking in 70, livermore, 76, 69 in fairfield, and san jose reporting mostly clear skies. the current temperatures of 75 degrees in the forecast for tomorrow looks just great, as well. starting out the day with mostly clear skies and temperatures, once again back into the mid-to-upper 70s by about 2 or 3 clock tomorrow. forecast headlines for tomorrow will go partly cloudy skies, high clouds moving in, tomorrow a little bit cooler in the weekend still fairly quiet weather pattern, lots of sunshine. no rain clouds to worry about. over night lows, and san francisco 49 degrees. sunny and warm all week long and the key change for tonight and into tomorrow, this weather system moves in. today we had the winds out of the northeast. that warms us up. we're going to have the wind to move out of the northwest and that'll translate to temperatures coming down just a few degrees. it will still be warm tomorrow. 40ings and 50s to start out your
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thursday -- 40s and 50s to start out your morning hours. warmest locations inland. we're still thinking 80 to 82 degrees. forecast highs for tomorrow, you can see santa rosa, salsalito, right about 80, checking in about 3:00 tomorrow afternoon and san francisco in the mid-70s. looks just great, just a little bit cooler. here's is a look ahead your five-day forecast with your weekend always in view. you'll see temp trending down into the weekend. still the warmest locations. volunteers come together to provide some comfort, what one group is doing to provide relief for cancer patients. and do you like rock and roll? anyone can influence history without ever picking up an instrument.
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. hundreds of volunteers came together to put care packages for low income men, women and children undergoing chemotherapy treatment. the packages were filled with essential items that helped ease the comfort caused by chemotherapy. music fan can now vote for
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the performers they want indeducted into the hall of fame. linda ronsted and deep purple, and kiss just to name a few. there are 60 nominees by the voting body, mostly artists, historians and music industry professionals. it will have a single vote added to their total. voting ends december 10th and winners will be announced later that month. and rice was one of the 13 people named today to be part of the college football playoff selection committee. start in 2014, the committee will select four schools to play for the title game. two home runs from gonzalez, in game 5 of the national league championship series, the cardinals lead 3-2 on ktvu, the
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red sox and tigers are playing game 4 of the alcs. detroit is up 7-1. thank you for make ktvu your choice for news. i'm gasia mikaelian. tonight massage parlors busted for prostitution and we investigate how some have already reopened. tmz is up next here on tv 36.
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